Products we use

The products that are shown here are frequently used in the projects by Decoussemaecker Interiors. Products from these collections can also be purchased seperately. To do so please contact Decoussemaecker Interiors.

EcoSmart Fire design fireplaces

The EcoSmart fireplace is an Australian innovation. This environmentally friendly fireplace has no chimney and no installation required for fuelsupply . This makes it ideally suited for each type of situation .

Equipped with a modern environmentally friendly energy source ( denatured ethanol ) it burns without pollution and is virtually maintenance free . Because of its flexibility and simplicity makes it possible to offer an opportunity for everyone and choice in designs. The EcoSmart is available in different designs, sizes and materials .

Fast: Chairs and tables

The exclusive Forest line consisting of bar stools and chairs, owes its design to the inspiration of the natural forms . The aluminium seats are in different colors and have legs which are fixed, swivel or stand on wheels.

Characteristic for the exclusive Radice Quadra line, consisting of tables and side tables, is the unique shape of the legs that recalls ( the mathematical sign ) the square root. The tables have a wooden, aluminium or glass top and an aluminium chassis. During developing the tables the shape and dimensions are taken into account, that each interior designer can perfectly combine all the presented models.